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February is “Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month”! Why adopt a rescue rabbit (or two)? And why from Bunanza? * Our adoptable bunnies are already spayed or neutered – no dealing with hormones or finding a rabbit-savvy vet who’s accepting patients for alter surgery. * Adopting can be the best path to your “dream rabbit” – we often have purebreds and we maintain ‘want lists’ so if you’re hoping for a particular kind of bun, we’ll notify you if we get what your hoping for. * It’s the right thing to do – you’ll save a life (or lives), help stop overbreeding, combat dumping, and prevent lonely, terrible deaths. * Our adoptable bunnies are very well-socialized – they’re interacted with multiple times a day, and are accustomed to all different kinds and ages of people. We even have a kitty volunteer who makes sure the rabbits are cool with cats! * Good manners – none of our adoptables bite, many are comfortable being held, and a good portion of them are already litter trained. * Matchmaking – we really get to know our adoptables so we can confidently help you choose the perfect bunny/bunnies for you. * Speed-dating – we’re experts at this; if you have a single bun, we can help them find a friend. * Unlimited lifetime tech support – we want our adoptions to be successful, so we’re here to help with whatever questions might come up for you. Message us to help YOU participate in Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month!