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About Us

Who Are We?

We’re a group of people who love bunnies! We’ve been unofficially helping dumped rabbits find homes for a lot of years, though only since March of 2020 have we been incorporated as a 501c3.

In the middle of a pandemic, between mid-March and the end of December last year, we adopted out 114 rabbits, all spayed and neutered. We pretty proud of that!

Based in Lynden, WA, we’re a no-kill shelter, serving Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish and Island Counties, and sometimes even beyond.

Bunanza provides “unlimited lifetime tech support” for rabbits adopted from us. Whatever the question or concern, we’re here to help, all the way down the line!





To provide rescue and rehoming for abandoned or feral domestic rabbits in Whatcom County and neighboring areas, and to educate the public so there’s less eventual need for our services.



Meet Our Board


Liz Gillette

Now a retired minister, I’ve always been a helper, driven by my belief: “If I can help, I must”. In support of that credo, I’ve served on a variety of non-profit boards. In addition to people-oriented helping, throughout my life, animals in need have found their way to me.


Miranda Abrashi

I grew up having bunnies as a kid, so after graduating and starting to work full-time at Western Washington University, I knew I needed buns, and I adopted my two boys, Graham and Lance. I found Lance through Bunanza and have been excited to help, first as a volunteer, and now as a Board member. Educating people about rabbits as pets and providing safe, clean shelter for rescues before they find their forever homes is my passion.


Tina Von K

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