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Our Process

Why adopt a rescue rabbit (or two)? And why from Bunanza? *

  • Our adoptable bunnies are already spayed or neutered – no dealing with hormones or
    finding a rabbit-savvy vet who’s accepting patients for alter surgery.
  • Adopting can be the best path to your “dream rabbit” – we often have purebreds and we maintain ‘want lists’ so if you’re hoping for a particular kind of bun, we’ll notify you if we get what your hoping for.  It’s the right thing to do – you’ll save a life (or lives), help stop overbreeding, combat dumping, and prevent lonely, terrible deaths.
  •  Our adoptable bunnies are very well-socialized – they’re interacted with multiple times a day, and are accustomed to all different kinds and ages of people. We even have a kitty volunteer who makes sure the rabbits are cool with cats!
  •  Good manners – none of our adoptables bite, many are comfortable being held, and a good portion of them are already litter trained.
  •  Matchmaking – we really get to know our adoptables so we can confidently help you choose the perfect bunny/bunnies for you.
  •  Speed-dating – we’re experts at this; if you have a single bun, we can help them find a friend.
  • Unlimited lifetime tech support – we want our adoptions to be successful, so we’re here to help with whatever questions might come up for you.

Bonding Pairs

“Why do you ‘strongly suggest’ adopting TWO rabbits? What if I just want one?” Rabbits are social creatures who’ve evolved to live in large groups. As prey animals, they’re accustomed to finding safety – and companionship – in numbers. People are social animals, too. Think how lonely you’d be if you never got to see your friends or family or even just another human being! Fortunately we CAN meet our pets need for buddies without actually setting up a home warren. It is possible to keep a single bunny happy: IF there’s a good match in rabbit -person temperament AND you’re home a great deal AND you understand lagomorph needs and body language AND you spend a lot of time with your rabbit. Or, you can make sure your bunny has a special hang out pal by adopting a bonded pair right from the get go. Already have a ‘one is the loneliest number’ bun? We can arrange speed dating to let them choose their own bestie. And just so you know, we’ve also successfully helped people add third and even fourth bunny buddies!




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